Rolls-Royce and Bentley parts here we can supply and install. If you have specific requirements please contact us.   OR  Telephone Mike Scott: 023 9246 6592 . Contact for current prices. We can supply all parts.


                  DRIVE SHAFT PARTS

drive shaft spares

Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow Drive Shaft parts

Drive shaft parts for Silver Shadow l


                  BILSTEIN DAMPERS 

Bilstein Dampers & Harvey Bailey Springs

Bilstein dampers front and rear. Application for Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow l/ll and Bentley Tl/ll and early Silver Spirit.

Rear dampers

Rear damper set  up with lower mounts and spacers. Also to upgrade rear suspension on early Rolls-Royce Silver Spirits.  We fit the Bentley equivalent mineral fluid strut to achieve stiffer suspension for a more progressive smoother ride.

                   IGNITION LEADS

Ignition leads with distributor cap

Ignition leads set and distributor cap for Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow l and ll
                  IGNITION LEADS & COIL

Ignition leads, coil and distributor cap parts

New ignition leads set installed in harness plus new coil with ballast resistor and distributor cap parts. Showing here layout for ‘A’ and ‘B’ bank of engine for Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow l and ll
                   HANDBRAKE CALIPERS

Handbrake Caliper

Handbrake Calipers

Park brake caliper full assembly with pads and retainer springs.Also identifies the long hexagonal adjuster nuts.


                    BRAKE MASTER CYLINDERS

Brake Master Cylinders

Brake Master Cylinders

Brake master cylinders for Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud and Bentley Series l/ll/lll.


                  HYDRAULIC BRAKE PUMPS

Brake pump

Brake pumps

Fully overhauled and re-sealed brake pumps for RR363 or Mineral fluid systems.New brake pumps or parts available.


Brake Disc

Brake Disc

Front Vented Discs

Front Vented Discs

Front vented brake discs for Rolls-Royce & Bentley.RR363 Hydraulic system for brake and height control system, illustration of two re-furbished accumulator assemblies with discs.


Mineral spheres & brake pad set

Mineral spheres & brake pad set


Progressive stopping power is made possible with efficient brake sphere and valve bodies – for the storage and distribution of mineral fluid pressures to No.1 and No.2 brake systems.Mineral fluid pressures are applied to four front calipers housing the brake pad set.


Hydraulic accumulator assembly

Hydraulic Accumulator Assembly

RR363 Hydraulic system fitted to Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow ll, Bentley T ll and Corniche ll.Accumulator assembly comprising of exploded view of valve body internal parts prior to assembly with new seal kit, valves and pressurised sphere with new internal diaphram.


Hydraulic Accumulators

Hydraulic Accumulators

RR 363 Hydraulic system.  Two accumulator assemblies fitted to Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow l. Installed to off side of cylinder block showing two hydraulic pressure switches and behind two high pressure frame hoses


Service Kit

Service Kit

Example of  Service Kit.          Air filter.                   Oil filter.                  Spark plugs.                Windscreen wipers.         RR363 Hydraulic fluid.                                     Mineral fluid.


New engine parts genuine Payen gasket sets and ‘O’ ring seals.

  • Viscous fan couplings
  • Ignition lead sets and full range of ignition parts.
  • S.U. carburetters  S.U. fuel pumps standard or up-rated.
  • S.U. carburetter jets and the latest modified floats and gaskets.
  • O.E. dampers to original hydraulic specification.
  • Bilstein Dampers, standard or modified coil springs supplied and fitted to increase
  • the smooth ride potential of Silver Shadows & Bentley Tl/Tll cars.
  • Coolant system new radiator assemblies hoses and stainless clips.
  • Bosch fuel injection parts and service.
  • RR363 hydraulic systems new parts including hydraulic brake pumps O.E. low
  • and high-pressure sets of hoses to braking and height control systems.
  • RR363 Hydraulic reservoirs rebuilt as new. See Restoration page
  • RR363 accumulators and valve bodies overhauled and re-sealed.
  • RR363 Spheres overhauled with new diaphragm and re-charged with gas.
  • Mineral hydraulic systems brake caliper seal kits and pistons.
  • Mineral system brake gas spheres.
  • Mineral system rear suspension hydraulic struts and gas spheres for self-levelling system.
  • Brake pad sets with fitting kits and park brake pads, springs and pull cables assemblies.
  • New brake shoes and master cylinder, wheel cylinder rubber seal kits for Rolls-Royce Silver
  • Clouds and Bentley cars.
  • Complete exhaust systems in mild or stainless steel.
  • Original exhaust mounts and connecting metal olives and half clamps plus ‘U’ bolts.